Best Packaging Solutions for Eggs

Eggs are fragile in nature and therefore must be protected with upmost care across the entire supply chain. Eggs complete a long and difficult journey from the manufacturer to the consumers. During this journey eggs must be kept not broken and fresh.

As cellulose-based packaging solution provide the optimal protection for the eggs across the entire supply chain. Molded fiber is soft and durable enough to protect the eggs from breaking during transportation and storage. It prevents the damages to the eggs caused by impact, vibration and shock. Cellulose-based packaging products with breathable feature can absorb moisture which may occur on eggs. Molded fiber prevents odor and maintains the eggs in good taste.

Eggcartons can be produced in different colors in order to attract the customers among the crowded shelves in a supermarket.

Company and product information can be displayed on eggcartons by printing/labeling. The expert art-work designers of Dentaş support the customers to help them to efficiently utilize the available space on the product in the best possible way. Designs are created according to the customer needs and then finalised upon approval.

Egg packaging products of Dentaş Kağıt San. A.Ş. are suitable for the following weight categories of the eggs specified below:

XL - Jumbo ≥73 gr
L - Large ≥63 - <73 gr
M - Medium ≥53 - <63 gr
S - Small <53 gr