(1920 – 1994)


He gained his first experience in business life carrying out leather trade at his father’s workplace while he was a student. Upon his father Mehmet Ali ABALIOĞLU’s desease in 1941, he left his education at the Istanbul Business College and returned to Denizli, where he began working with his older brother Baki ABALIOĞLU. Mr. Cafer and Baki bought Karabacak Flour Factory in 1944 with participation of their brother-in-law Hacı Ahmet İNCEOĞLU.

Mr. Cafer, who started his business life when he was young took his second important step in his life by deciding to get married in 1944. Apart from being the architect of a happy family environment, his wife Mrs. Zaferiye empowered her husband with her support and encouragement.

The establishment of Cotton Ginnery Factory in 1951 is regarded as a significant stage in which the foundations of Abalıoğlu Holding were laid. Mr. Cafer and his associates adopted the idea of keeping up with new technology as a crucial principle of their business life. They searched, found and implemented the ways to improve the quality in ginnery just as they did in all their business activities. They proceeded with the state-of-art machinery and equipment compared to the conditions of the period.

The family had become one of the most important addresses of Denizli commercial life in the 1960s. In addition to managing the flour and ginnery factory, the sales of basic consumption products such as sugar and salt; fuel, tire, and automotive dealerships were also included in the family's business activities.

The partnership was terminated in 1966 by mutual agreement. This decision brought new responsibilities to his sons Mehmet Ali ABALIOĞLU and İsmet ABALIOĞLU. At that time, Mehmet Ali ABALIOĞLU was only 19 and his brother İsmet ABALIOĞLU was 15 years old high school student. By managing both school and business life together, they shouldered the heavy responsibility in active business life at an early age. Having worked day and night, they gained substantial savings.

In 1975, the family became a shareholder of Dentaş Inc., which was established before under the leadership of Mr. Cafer.

The year 1984, in which the partnership with Er-Bakır developed, was a milestone for the Abalıoğlu Family. The first steps that prepared Er-Bakır to become a world company were taken with meticulous efforts at this time.

After the struggle in copper industry, all preparations were made for the establishment of spinning facility in 1990, which was the biggest dream of Mr. Cafer. The high-tech spinning facility started production in 1991. Mr. Cafer would see cotton as coiled sewing thread from now on.

Mr. Cafer carried on to create value for society throughout his life along with his industrial identity. He built Cafer Sadık Abalıoğlu Elementary School in 1973 in line with the principle of sharing with society by enlarging what we take from the society.

Afterwards, he led the way to build another school on behalf of Dentaş A.Ş. in which he was a shareholder. The third school was built in the name of his wife, Zaferiye Abalıoğlu Elementary School. Lastly, after his and his wife’s decease, Er-Bakır Science High School was built together with the Erikoğlu family. All these schools providing education to about 5 thousand students every year were donated to the Ministry of Public Education.

The success of the pioneer companies established by Mr. Cafer in three main sectors: paper packaging, textile, and copper would spread beyond the national borders to the international arena. Mr. Cafer who was a model industrialist and businessman also carried out significant social works for our country in the fields of education and health, passed away on the 5th of September, 1994.

His goodwife Mrs. Zaferiye, who eminently contributed to his success and happy family life, passed away on the 26th of December, 1994.

In his 53 years of business life, Mr. Cafer, who had been in charge of the business until the last days of his life, guided his children and employees when required with his experience, entrepreneurial spirit and executive ability and passed away from this world by leaving great works behind.

Mr. Cafer’s principles constitute a basis for the corporate culture and have become a compass for his children and future generations of the family.

Following the path, he pioneered is a rightful pride. The institutions that Cafer Bey established and developed with superior values continue to rise with the same determination.

We commemorate Mr. Cafer Sadık ABALIOĞLU with respect.

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