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Dentaş continues to grow

Dentaş Paper Industry, which claims to lead the market in molded fiber production, continues to grow in the industry with new investments. Dentaş Paper Industry General Manager A. Ferruh Ergüney underlined that they carried out target projects in order to become a globally accepted brand in the molded fiber production. In this regard, Ergüney explained that they are taking a path for leadership role in Europe with SC Dentaş Romania SRL company investment, which they own 100 percent of the shares in Romania, and he announced that they have increased their capacity in both Denizli and Romania in the new period. In addition, A. Ferruh Ergüney underlined that in order to respond to growing demands arising as a result of the restructuring of the Middle East and developing economy of Turkey, they decided to double the current production” and he added "In line with this decision, we will build another facility that will have similar capacity with our facility in Denizli. As Dentaş, we aim to be the main supporter and supplier of egg producers that aim to get into international markets.”

“We will meet the industrial molded fiber demand of a global company”

Ferruh Ergüney stated that a subsidiary of Abalıoğlu Holding, Dentaş Paper Industry does not only strive to be a market leader in Turkey and Europe but also in the world, he continued: "We are reaping the benefits of the prioritizing quality and our innovative products. Throughout our 40-year journey, with our investments in Romania, we are holding the market leadership in Europe, and with our quick response to the growth in Turkey as well as the market's general improvement, we continue to maintain our leadership. Additionally, thanks to the agreement we made with a major global company, we will be their sole provider of industrial molded fiber.”

Mentioning that Dentaş's ability to serve not only for egg packaging but also for all applications of the molded cellulosic packaging industry, Ergüney said, "With our R&D investments, we established new standards and products in egg packaging. We have received numerous awards in every national and international competition we participated in with the work of our designers. We are the only company in the industry to receive the World Star award in recent years. We are a company that can respond to the needs of the industry in molded fiber quickly and we play an active role in the changes." Ergüney underlined that they became a company that produces their own technology through R&D investments instead of bringing it from outside and said, "You will soon see the results of these works. We brought a new perspective on egg packaging to Turkey. We have exhibited many different products, ranging from colors to product forms. Not only in Turkey, but we also produced these products abroad and present them to the European market." Lastly, suggesting that they are being pointed out as one of the few egg packaging producer companies, Ergüney said "Me being elected as the term chairman of the European Molded Fiber Association (EMFA) is the best proof. Also, Dentaş became a full congress member of the International Molded Fiber Association (IMFA) in 2012."

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