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Good news for autistic kids and their families in Denizli. Dentaş, one of the prominent companies in Denizli, is building a school for autistic children, a first in Turkey. The school, which will cost 2.5 million Turkish Liras and house 120 students, has been authorized by the governor's office.

The protocol of the Dentaş Autistic Children Special Education and Application Center, which will be built by members of the Board of Directors of Dentaş Paper Industry Inc. in the neighborhood of Adalet and cost 2,5 million liras, was signed with a ceremony held at the governor's office.

Among the attendees were Governor Abdülkadir Demir, Provincial Director of National Education Sebahattin Akgül, Dentaş board members İsmet Abalıoğlu, Ali Abalıoğlu, Zümrüt Erikoğlu, Ali Yavuzçehre, Suat Kuyumcu and Chairman of Protection of Mentally Handicapped Children Association Ayten Bahtiyar.

"We are delighted"

Stating that they unanimously made this decision, İsmet Abalıoğlu said, "As Dentaş we have decided to build a school in Denizli. This school will only teach autistic children. In this aspect, this will be a first in Turkey. It will also have a special architecture. The project will be conducted by our famous architect Cengiz Bektaş from Denizli. The education institution will have a capacity of 120 students and will be completed in 2015."

"We thank our benefactor"

Governor Abdülkadir Demir said that benefactor support keeps growing in Denizli and continued; "In 2013 there have been important investments in Denizli for education. With public resources, the investment that was to be realized was completed in 2013. Also, our benefactors from Denizli kept supporting education with our almost monthly protocols.

Our charitable support for education continues. Today, the Abalıoğlu family and the board members of Dentaş, who pioneered in building important schools in Denizli, signed a protocol for the construction of Dentaş Autistic Children Special Education and Application Center School. We are thankful to them. Our autistic children will be able to receive education in this school with all their needs fulfilled." After the speech, the protocol for Dentaş Education and Application Center School for Autistic Children was signed, which will be built in Adalet neighborhood, and that will cost 2.5 million liras and will have a capacity of 120 students.

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