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Turkish Revolution
in Packaging Industry

In the packaging industry, substances such as plastic and foam are widely used.

After 7 years of effort, a company in Denizli has created an alternative to these products.

The main raw material of the new product is paper...

There is a substantial alternative to plastic and foam. The protective paper packaging stands out as flexible, environmentally friendly and portable.

Ferruh Ergüney, General Manager of the company, commented on the new product they created:

"It is advantageous in terms of logistics. You can load 20 - 30% more goods in the same vehicle... If a styrofoam-packaged product falls to the ground with its package or takes a hit, the product might get damaged. There is no such thing with paper; paper is the best impact-absorbing material. "

As the company aims to export technology, our goals are also big...

"At the moment our company is the 4th largest company in Europe. Regarding the size of the firm, our minimal goal is to be the largest company in Europe by 2023. Our ultimate goal is to be world leader. "


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