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We obtained cellulosic raw material from
wheat straw and agricultural wastes

A company in Denizli producing egg packaging and industrial packaging from waste paper obtained cellulosic raw material from wheat straw and agricultural wastes in the laboratory they established.

A company in Denizli developed packaging material with cellulose obtained from agricultural wastes. Dentaş Paper Industry Inc., founded as an Abalıoğlu Holding subsidiary in 1972 in Denizli Organized Industrial Zone, started its packaging adventure with the production of corrugated board and has continued with industrial production besides the egg packaging.

R & D studies for the packaging industry are carried out in the laboratory established in the factory body with an investment of $1 million. The company, which has been conducting research on recycling for a while, succeeded to produce cellulose samples from agricultural wastes.

The company has achieved positive results from the trials and aims to start mass production of packaging material, using straw cellulose as the raw material.

Engin Sarıkaya, the company's R & D Manager, told the AA correspondent that they produce molded cellulosic packaging not only for egg producers but also for the other sectors such as automotive, household electronics, medical and food industries.

Stating that they are Europe's 4th largest molded fiber (egg protection container) manufacturer, Sarıkaya also emphasized that they offer solutions to industrial, vegetable and fruit packaging needs.

Sarıkaya pointed out that they have become a company that develop the technology instead of buying it from the outside and added: "We are working on the chemistry of cellulose in the laboratory. It is a substance that is fully recyclable and sustainable. In this frame, agricultural waste is also important for us. There are corn stalks, rice husks, straw and cotton stalks. We are researching how we can turn them into products by adding value on them and utilize them in the future. So far, we have tried the straw. We tested the use of straw-molded cellulosic packaging. We also tested that we could replace our existing raw material with straw at about 50 percent. We produced cellulosic samples from straw. We prepared samples and conducted tests concerning that. We see the potential to implement the molded fiber packaging, raw material of which is straw, in the following years. "

In the future, we will establish a new pilot facility for recycling, he added.


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