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Dentaş received an award at the
2009 VayBe Project Competition

The competition, held by CSA Holding at EGS Congress and Culture Center (Denizli) on June 22, 2009, was organized for appreciation and encouragement of the people and teams that made improvements and innovative projects within the group.

Dentaş Paper Industry Inc. came first out of the 9 projects with its project named
"Central Pulp Preparation System and Machine Automation" among the group companies that participated.

The team that contributed to the realization of the project:

Mehmet DİLBAZ - Technical Manager
Florin TANASA - Mechanical Engineer
Ünal ZENBİL - Production and Planning Engineer
Özgür DALYANOĞLU - Maintenance and Automation Engineer
Duygu DOĞAN - R & D and Quality Control Engineer
Şaban AYDIN - Mechanical Maintenance Technician
Mehmet YILDIRIM - Electrical Maintenance Technician
Veli TAŞÇI - Electrical Maintenance Technician
İsmail MERGEN - Production Operator
Hamdi KAYHAN - Production Operator

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