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After receiving awards in two prestigious competitions, Dentaş Paper Industry Inc. achieved another success. The company's general manager A. Ferruh ERGÜNEY was elected as the president of the European Molded Fiber Association (EMFA).

Dentaş Paper Industry Inc., which has been a member of the Association since the foundation , ensured that Turkish is one of the official languages of EMFA. Dentaş Paper Industry Inc. achieved another success when the General Manager of Dentaş Paper Industry Inc. Ferruh ERGÜNEY had been appointed as vice president. Following this success, ERGÜNEY was unanimously elected as the President of the European Molded Fiber Association EMFA for two years at the meeting held in Frankfurt, Germany on 1 February 2011. This success of ERGÜNEY delighted the Dentaş family.

Furthermore, Dentaş Paper Industry Inc. were awarded with two separate "gold packaging" awards in the TSE 23rd Golden Packaging Competition held in June 2010 with its products "Multi Bottle Divider" and "Corner Protector 65" products. Thus, Dentaş Paper Industry Inc. deserved to participate in the WORLD STAR 2010 Competition (WPO WorldStar Awards) organized by the World Packaging Organization (WPO). According to the data from WORLD STAR 2010 that concluded in November 2010, Dentaş Paper Industry Inc. gained awards for both of the products that they nominated. Beforehand, there were no companies from the molded cellulosic products (molded fiber) industry among the winners in 2010, as in the WORLD STAR Competition held in 2009. The only company in this industry that received the WORLD STAR award is Dentaş Paper Industry Inc. A. Ferruh ERGÜNEY, who has been the General Manager of Dentaş Paper Industry Inc. and SC Dentaş Romania SRL since 2004, said that "We are the market leader of Turkey and the Balkans with our service and product quality. As per our vision, we will continue to work to become a globally accepted brand all over the world with our innovative products.”


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