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Dentaş continues its rapid
pace of investment

Ahmet Ferruh ERGÜNEY, the General Manager of Dentaş Paper Industry, states that they produce molded fiber and cellulosic packaging especially for egg producers. "After installing the most advanced molded fiber-paper laboratory in Turkey, Dentaş established the product design department which is one of a kind in this field and established the project department for the molded fiber product variety. Dentaş Paper, which specialized in product design rapidly, has signed the first international agreement of the department with one of the leading names of the sector”, he said. ERGÜNEY inferred that their company obtained the regional leadership in Europe with a wide range of products and added that Dentaş increased its capacity rapidly by adding machinery to production lines in addition to its investments in R & D and design.

Explaining that Dentaş Paper is a company of Cafer Sadık Abalıoğlu Holding, ERGÜNEY said, "Our company is proud of being the leader in the egg packaging industry and is proud of being the sole company with Integrated Management System in its sector together with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 which is the triple quality management system."

Stating that they act with the vision of being a preferred brand in the world, ERGÜNEY asserted that the vision is to set serious and ambitious but achievable goals. Saying that ways should be found to become different in the sector, he pointed out that in a parallel with this highly ambitious goals should be set that are not unrealistic.

We want to level up our paper laboratory to be the best in Europe," ERGÜNEY said and continued: "We cooperate with universities. The companies in Turkey must become the ones that sell the technology instead of buying it. Otherwise, it would only be a dream to become a prestigious company that can compete in the international arena. We will continue our investments with this concept. While many companies chose to stop their investments and downsize in the crisis environment, we decided to continue our investments. Now we have begun to reap the benefits of our investments in this regard. We produce custom molded fiber designed for inner packaging as per requests of the companies for their every kind of product and in parallel with this we have accelerated our investments that will increase our production capacity.”

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