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We obtained cellulosic raw material from
wheat straw and agricultural wastes

A company in Denizli developed packaging material with cellulose obtained from agricultural wastes. ...


Dentaş came in first in the
energy efficiency

Dentaş Paper has been awarded the first prize in the sub-category of Paper and Paper products....

Dentaş Paper Special Education Center

Special Education Center
Construction Speed Up

Provincial Director of National Education Mahmut Oğuz, in the neighborhood of Adalet, made an on-site examination at the construc...


Dentaş received an award in the
2011-2012 World Star Competition

Won awards at the WORLD STAR 2011-2012 competition held by the World Packaging Organization (WPO WordStar Awards)....


Dentaş received an award at the
2010 World Star Competition

WPO WorldStar awards are distributed in different categories in all areas of the packaging industry. ...


Dentaş received an award at the
23rd Golden Packaging Competition

31 companies participating in the "2010 Golden Packaging Competition" presented a total of 57 products and as a result of the jur...


Dentaş received an award at the
2013 VayBe Project Competition

"Hybrid Molded Cellulose-Based Packaging Machine": Dentaş won the first place prize among 12 participating projects of the Group ...


Dentaş received an award at the
2012 VayBe Project Competition

"Molded Fiber Dry Manufacturing Machine Drying Oven Project": Dentaş won the third place prize among 12 participating projects of...


Dentaş wins an award at the
2010 VayBe Project Contest

"A Different Approach to Mould Design": Dentaş won the first place prize among 14 participating projects of the Group companies....


Dentaş received an award at the
2009 VayBe Project Competition

"Central Pulp Preparation System and Machine Automation": Dentaş won the first place prize among 9 participating projects of the ...


Another Success from

After the awards Dentaş Paper Industry Inc. won in two prestigious competitions, it achieved another success. The company's gener...


Dentaş will launch
its third factory this year

Dentaş Paper Industry, which is active in the production of molded fiber and cellulosic packaging, plans to open its third factor...


Dentaş continues its rapid
pace of investment

Dentaş established its project department by forming the product design department unique to the industry after setting up the mo...


Molded fiber packaging manufacturer
Dentaş continues to grow

Dentaş continues its growth in the industry with its new investments in line with its objective of becoming the market leader....


Dentaş establishes a factory
in Aksaray

Continuing its rapid pace of investments, Dentaş Kağıt Sanayi A.Ş. is establishing its Aksaray Factory....


Great support from Dentaş
to education

One of the leading industrial companies of Denizli, Dentaş breaks new ground in Turkey by building a school for autistic children...


Turkish Revolution
in Packaging Industry

An important alternative to plastic and foam materials. Flexible use, environment-friendly and protective paper-based molded fibe...


Paper masks
develop skills

Dentaş Kağıt factory in Denizli began to produce molded paper masks aiming to help children to develop their painting skills....


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