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Dentaş Paper Industry Inc., the roots of which dating back to 1941, is a subsidiary of Abalıoğlu Holding Inc. managed with corporate principles. Founded in 1972, our company is engaged in the design, production, and sales of molded cellulosic packaging also named as molded fiber. Dentaş Paper, strategically committed to become a prominent preferred trademark all over the world with its innovative products, has a facility titled SC Dentas Romania SRL in Romania in addition to two facilities located in Denizli and Aksaray.

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Company history overview


Establishment under the title of Dentaş Wood Products and Comestible Industry and Trade Inc.


Commencement of Dentaş Molded Fiber facilities under the Dentaş Corrugated Cardboard Industry Inc.


Establishment of SC Dentaş Romania SRL, as %100 owned subsidiary of Dentaş Paper Industry Inc.


Launching the Production of SC Dentaş Romania SRL company.


Becoming one of the founding members of EMFA (European Molded Fiber Association) established by the leading molded fiber producers in Europe.

The decision to invest in non-egg related packaging products.


Initiation of product devolepment activities with Dentaş Technology.


Establishment and launching of the most advanced Pulp and Paper R & D laboratory in Turkey.


Establishment and launching of the second facility in Aksaray.


Acquisition of R & D Center status.

Quality Policy

We meet the current and future expectations of all stakeholders that benefit from our company pursuant to our motto that 'we are a family'.

Environmental Policy

In order to eliminate the negative impacts during our operations, we dispose of the harmful waste at its source or recycle them.

Health & Safety

In order to improve the life quality of all stakeholders that benefit from our company, we raise awareness by providing training on health and safety.


“To be a preferred trademark all over the world with innovative products.“



“To protect our prestige and to develop & utilize every skill we have in order to create more value, each day more than the day before.“


(1920 – 1994)


He gained his first experience in business life carrying out leather trade at his father’s workplace while he was a student. Upon his father Mehmet Ali ABALIOĞLU’s desease in 1941, he left his education at the Istanbul Business College and returned to Denizli, where he began working with his older brother Baki ABALIOĞLU. Mr. Cafer and Baki bought Karabacak Flour Factory in 1944 with participation of their brother-in-law Hacı Ahmet İNCEOĞLU.

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Dentaş Fsc Sertifikası

What is FSC?

The FSC (The Forest Stewardship Council), a membership-based, non-profit international organization, was established with the principle of advancing the forest stewardship network and gathering people to stop harmful forest policies.

Forest products producers, users, distributors, NGOs working on environmental and human rights gathered in California in 1993 and started an initiative to promote responsible and sustainable forest management. FSC, headquartered in Bonn, Germany, has gradually become an international organization by opening regional agencies in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

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